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Originally Posted by trachemys View Post
Well, I love summer. I like heat. Born in Georgia in June. When I can see heat waves coming off the grass, I'm happy.

I hate cold. I hate winter. I have tested myself and my camping gear but, I didn't like it. People thought I was crazy.

Give me summer.
I am so jealous of you! But then I dunno....folks that hate the cold I think suffer more, at least physically, than those of us that run hot.

Ironically I love hot yoga, I love to sweat my azz off when working out. I love tropical heat, hot vacations. Don't even mind gardening in the heat. I think its purely a psychological thing for me. I get anxious with the long days. I don't like my skin showing. I don't like the traffic....during the winter no one drives around unless they have to. I dunno....its weird.
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