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I don't have kids, so I don't really have a dog in this race after I leave, but my take on it is this:

The planet has been going through warming and cooling cycles for billions of years if you believe science. Humans have stressed the planet, removed some trees, fouled the water, killed the animals. The planet WILL shake (most of ) us off at some point and start over again. I find comfort in that. It will go on...way beyond my measly 70-80 years. I'm a vapor in the wind. I'm a believer in God/the power of the Universe, and I just see Him (metaphorically) with one hand over an eye right about now, while we play out our little Free-Will game here.

Will it be soon? Maybe. Maybe we'll lower the populations by a nuclear war. Maybe a super-virus will get half of us. Regardless, it's way above my pay level.

And another

Oh. and I don't watch the news.
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