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GAWD I hate summer

Okay....whine-y, complain-y, rant-y thread ahead.

I hate it. Its 70 in my house right now....70 outside. Its 6:15am. Gonna be triple digits for the foreseeable future. Hot, icky, brown, dry. Why do people like this crap? "Oh I can't wait for summer" really? Then by this time everyone is bitching and moaning. Then fall comes and everyone is thrilled, but oh God winter. I love winter. Cold, gray, snow, ice, short days.

Summer just stresses me out. I think about global warming constantly. Ugh. I mean, it doesn't affect me every moment but, well, its just plain scary. Its not like global warming is worse in the summer, or isn't progressing in the winter, it just isn't slapping me in the face.

So another 6 weeks of this. I am grateful that I live in an area where there are 4 definite nothing, cold or hot, lasts that long. I'm glad I live in an area that has its own natural sources of fresh water. I used to live in Cali....for 40 years. I worry about that state. I mean, when the water starts to run out, what are they gonna do? Of course there is so much money and influence there they will just continue to damn up places in my state and buy the water. Yikes. Fire. Yikes.

I am grateful I have a new AC. I actually bought it last year, but there was an issue with it so the people completely replaced it. Can't complain about that. And it works well. But that stresses me out too because I know how environmentally awful AC is. I mean, its not like homo sapiens haven't lived most of our existence without these earth destroying comforts. Oh dear.

So anyway, its no wonder my relapses usually occur in the summer. Now I am NOT going to drink. Repeat, not happening. So that's ok. Its just getting through this. And this is a rant so I'm not all consumed with this thinking. But it is rough. Truly.

We have a trip to Cali to see universities in August. Going to Santa Barbara, Cal poly. I hope it isn't ablaze at that time. Poor Cali. My state has lots of fires too but there isn't anyone living in those areas. Its just sad sad. I hope my daughters generation figures this stuff out. They are going to have to.

Rant over. Thanks for listening.
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