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Originally Posted by Timebuster View Post
OMG, I want one of those puppies.

I'm glad they're ok, and in loving hands.

There's 6 left TB! They're going to be miniature ponies when they're done growing! LOL They are very smart and already respond to simple commands! They love me! I play with them, scratch their bellies and find them things to chew on! One of them, probably the brown one, got underneath my desk and chewed up my new speaker wires. Ugh! Thankfully Jethro can repair them!

Jethro keeps saying: "Your dogs!" I tell him: "Our dogs!" LOL This usually happens when they are yodeling early in the morning to go outside to potty! We are like two ships passing in the early morning hours now. I've already taken them outside, since they sleep in my bedroom, when Jethro appears outside. I say: "They're yours now! I'll fix their food and then I'm going back to bed!" He says: "Goodnight!" Old folks! LOL

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