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The Nature of I dont do that.

Originally Posted by Treebeard View Post
I’m sorry. I don’t engage in debates online.
Very well stated.

I am going to assume that what you have decided about debating online is what AVRT very logically leads addicted people to decide about drinking/using.

When you read my earlier post, you didn’t even have to consider responding to the content, you simply recalled your past decision, “I will never engage in debates online.” and went on with your life. If you made that decision 20 years ago it has saved you lots and lots of time. (Witness your relatively low posting frequency on SR. My compliments.)

This is the nature of pledging permanent abstinence. It eliminates any consideration of even the remote possibility of acting upon a certain specific type of opportunity that may come to mind. Debating online and drinking/drugging are just two examples.
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