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Here's the reason I'm losing sleep! They are 8 weeks old! They will graduate to outside at some point. They are going to be the size of miniature horses! LOL

Bear, the black puppy, has a splint on his leg because the woman with the puppies accidentally ran over him early one morning leaving for work. He was underneath her truck. We were only going to get the brown puppy at first, because Jethro kept insisting that's the one he wanted. I wanted the black puppy! But when she told me she ran over him? Jethro said: "Let's go get our puppies!"

And I'm SOOOO glad we did! They were completely covered in fleas! The black puppy was dragging himself up and down their porch to eat/drink and then back under the porch according to the woman that had him.

We got them completely free of fleas after an hour of washing and spraying them with Permethrin in the tub. I made them a Vet appointment to get the black puppy's leg x-rayed. It's fractured. The splint has to be redone each week until the Vet is satisfied it's healed. The puppies have been given their first round of shots, worm medicine and a heartworm chewable tablet too. They have been passing so many worms it's heartbreaking to think about the 6 puppies still at that woman's house. I sent Jethro to the Vet yesterday to get them some flea meds too. They are horrible this year. Our big dog outside got flea medicine too.

The black puppy is in excellent care now here at our home. Both puppies are totally happy and playful now. They had no energy and just laid around when they first got here. They weren't very interested in food either with all those worms inside them. But they're eating good now!

So there's the story on how we have two puppies instead of just one! And why there's a splint on the black ones leg.

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