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I think a solid routine is helpful. Avoid napping, it can throw off the night time sleep. If you must nap, set and alarm to get you up in 20 minutes. Stay out of bed except for bedtime. Turn off electronics an hour before you want to sleep. Read instead of facebook/ gaming/ watching shows. Exercise daily but make sure it is more than an hour from bedtime. Stretch...deeply and slowly before climbing into bed. Make sure the room temperature is ideal for you. Scent your room with lavender. Go to bed and get up at a consistent time. Avoid caffeine of any kind in the PM. If you have worrisome thoughts that keep you alert, take 20 minutes to journal it and try again. If you get up in the night to use the restroom or get water, leave lights as low as possible. Sleep gets easier as your body heals and gets further from alcohol.
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