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Hi supporters!

How are y'all doing?

I'm on day two off the Baileys Irish Cream! I just opened a pack of cigarettes. That leaves me one pack after this one and then I'll be starting the journey of being smoke free when these two are gone! That's probably going to be Thursday or Friday?

I'm super excited about these chains being released I've been wearing for so many years! The Government has stepped up to the plate to stop opiate use in patients that don't really need an abundance of them. I'm glad I chose to stop them on my own before that happened!

Now the Government is getting involved in the nicotine problem! I don't even want to imagine what's going to happen with this? So I'm super happy I've chosen to stop smoking on my own! Last night when I got out of the shower? I stepped out into the hallway and cringed at the nicotine smell that likes to gather in that area. I don't smoke in the house, but when the porch room door is open the smells from in here escape into the house. I'm already expecting my strong sense of smell to go overboard when I stop smoking. It did when I stopped the opiates. So there's going to be some super house cleaning to rid it of the smells! Ugh! This includes my car too! It's too hot outside to do too much work so I'll have plenty to do inside under the A/C!

Something else I'm hoping for is my BP will start to go down! I'm sick of taking BP meds. Then a water pill after that. Then a cholesterol pill after that . It just seems like I have to take one pill after another and it's due to smoking and the alcohol I've been drinking! I'm also hoping the ear ache I've been having in my left ear will also go away? I've read too many stories about PPL smoking having had bad ear aches and after they stop smoking it goes away.

After years of dealing with dental problems because of addictions? I had to have all but two teeth pulled. I now wear an upper denture and a lower partial. I don't want to lose anymore body parts or functions due to my addictions!

I think about when I'll get up I make my coffee and sit down with my cup of coffee to smoke while reading my stuff on my computer! How do y'all manage that? Now that you aren't smoking?

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