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Originally Posted by Forward12 View Post
I would have to disagree with that. I have severe anxiety and am on a benzo as I medically need it.
Though as berrybean mentions, it's common for alcoholics to lie to their docs about their drinking and they may prescribe medications they otherwise wouldn't.
As long as they have been 100% honest about their alcoholism, there is nothing wrong with taking a doctor prescribed, medically necessary medication.
I have been very up-front with all the doctors I have seen. I want to give them the most/best info possible so they can help me the best. It does concern me that many doctors just hand out RXs like candy.

I have talked to maybe 25-30 nurses since this started and literally like 1 or 2 have really taken the time to listen and understand everything that's been going on with me. It's extremely frustrating to feel like you may be dying and the person who's supposed to help is just waiting for the end of their shift or whatever.
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