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Originally Posted by Herbie1991 View Post
I feel like I wrote this!!!!!!!!
I have severe health anxiety and I genuinely started drinking to help me cope and help me sleep. Iím scared of dying yet I could slowly kill my self with alcohol? What the ??

Seriously talk to me if you need reassurance that there is someone out there JUST LIKE YOU!!! Itís so draining and everyday I wake up thinking Ďthis is the day Iím going to dieí and itís always of liver failure yet I still drink? To make myself feel better. Vicious cycle. The shame is I was pregnant for 9 months and didnít touch a drop and was he happiest Iíve ever been!!!
Hi Herbie - that is great to hear. Most of my friends/family just dismiss the hypochondria like get over it, go talk to somebody. Then again they don't really understand how badly it affects you.

I have only had one relapse about 3 weeks into this whole thing. I'm just more scared of liver failure/cirrhosis etc. than I am of anything else now.

If you were really happy not drinking that should be good motivation to stay dry now, no?
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