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Iím sober, boyfriend relapsed

I am currently 20 months clean & sober from all mood and mind altering substances.

I met my current boyfriend 5 months ago, we went on a date and it was amazing. Problem for me was he only had 60 days sober and was just coming back from a relapse. We ended up taking different paths.

Fast forward and we reconnected, weíve been dating a month now. We have so much fun together and we can talk about anything. Finally feel like I donít have to wear any masks.

Then he relapsed, to me is seems out of no where but as an addict myself I know how this works. Heís been drinking now for 8 days, he cut contact with me about 3 days ago - no apparent reason. Iíve been reaching out knowing he wonít answer me, inviting him to meetings, letting him know Iím thinking of him etc.

I am very active in recovery attend 4 meetings a week have a strong support group. Work the 12 steps in my life. I feel like my knowledge of addiction and having been exactly where he is now is clouding my better judgement.

Iím emotionally drained and Iím so hurt heís cut me out, even though I know itís not me. Iím just at a loss on how to proceed right now.
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