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It actually explains a lot, like why religion has been called the opium of the masses. As far as substance abuse goes, it's about anticipating that perfect high where you got to the Ohhhh Zone, the one that your body and brain never forget. I can think of a few Ohhh Zone's with various drugs. I was young when one of these experiences birthed my addiction Beast and my life got reorganized around doing that again and again and again..... Over time though I started needing more and more to get me there and often no matter how I tried I couldn't get there. And the more I took the worse the come downs got until the only time I felt good was if I was using. Like a dog chasing it's tail. But the anticipation never went away of that Ohhhhh God that feels soooooo good feeling. Interesting too how the dopamine spikes practically twice as high if you might get the reward, explains a lot of the risky behaviour I used to get off on.
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