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Originally Posted by MindfulMan View Post

I do wish that other recovery methods were gone into in more detail. They were meantioned but not practiced or encouraged.
That could be a good thing, though it might better if limited to an adequate presentation of what is involved to provide enough information to choose a path. It would be confusing and ineffective to spend a rehab stint dabbling in a number of different options.

Economics would have a bearing on this too. An earlier post drew attention to long term membership expectations of one method, and indicated a preference for a different approach where one could pop along until the problem was solved and then get on with life, never having to return.

My guess is you can do that now if you are willing to pay. Join a recovery group led by someone trained in that method. Stay as long as seems necessary and as long as you pay. In that lies the major obstacle of individualized recovery option being presented in rehabs etc. someone has to be paid to do it, someone has to be trained.

The easy option for the rehab is to take advantage of freely provided presentations which happen to be a part of that groups recovery program anyway. They have no financial driver, pay and go is not practiced. No one has to pay, but many pay it back by being there for the next person. It seems to work quite well.

I donít know if it is a spiritual law, or an economic one, but nothing for nothing seems to be the general rule. One way or another, if you wish to utilise external help, a price has to be paid.
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