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Originally Posted by Gottalife View Post
Pretty normal in early recovery before the alcoholism has been treated. Trouble is it can round on us and put a drink back in our hands if we continue to behave badly. It is a wake up call to get on with the steps, with the help of a sponsor.
Yeah, that sponsor thing. I been praying fiercely regarding finding one, a good one for me. But i have to get to a lot of meetings so I can run into them. That seems to be a past problem i have had when trying to get sober. I will stock up on online meetings and be skimpy on the f2f, but obviously that needs to change because attending predominantly online meetings didn't help keep me sober...not even for a whole 30 days. I forced myself to f2f yesterday now im going to have to do it again today. TY for your feedback.
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