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Originally Posted by Dee74 View Post
Nearly everyone gets a little irritated in withdrawal/early recovery.
I tried to remember it was noone elses fault I felt so poorly
Hope you'll feel better soon.

True and that's why i pray she just backs off for a little bit because I know its not nobody's fault but my own, but my agitation his hard to control;especially with her. Once my mind and body settles in about 2 weeks things usually become better between us, but don't stay that way because i usually go on a binge. She gets upset, starts fussing with me about drinking while im drinking and i go ballistic under the influence. This process goes on and on. I explained to her the worst time to talk to me about my drinking is when im drinking...can end being dangerous. I scare myself the next day with thinking about the parts of my drunk tirades, at least the parts i can remember.
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