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Originally Posted by mistory5 View Post
Ok...I made it today with out a drink or thinking about a drink. I made it to my iop evaluation;start Monday. I made it to a f2f, 3 online meetings and I was feeling more and more hopeful after each recovery step I took today. But for some reason when my came home from work today and sheepishly asked how did I make out today my whole mood changed....I was irritated and snappy with her. Then a little later she asked me to pull up some mother's day pictures I posted on Facebook...more irrigation. I explained to her Facebook is not a good place for me to go on right now because I find it to distracting to recovery. I don't kneed that chatter in my head right now. I just need to walk, sleep and eat recovery stuff right now. But now im feeling guilty for being snappy. Lord knows I put her through hell when Im drinking and a lighter hell when im not drinking. I don't understand why I am this way with her in particular when im drinking or not drinking?
Pretty normal in early recovery before the alcoholism has been treated. Trouble is it can round on us and put a drink back in our hands if we continue to behave badly. It is a wake up call to get on with the steps, with the help of a sponsor.

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