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Originally Posted by rascalwhiteoak View Post
Isn't that how it seems to go though? Those that are closest to us sometimes have to put up with us at our worst. Don't dwell in guilt make an apology, clear the air, and don't use this as an excuse to drink. This is a fixable situation.

Congrats on the meetings too, BTW!
Ty!!!! I also realize im actually still withdrawling...very severe anxiety last night to the extent that it was waking me up from my was terrible. Then this morning i was so anxious about recovery i was literally I just wish she understood how bad i feel and just because i haven't drank in two days doesn't mean I d feel physically or mentally 100%. But she never took the time out to truly learn anything about alcoholism, attend therapy with me or alnon since this all started 2004. But she will drop me off at ER, detox and rehab in a heartbeat...not saying that im not thankful for that...but I need more than that from her. She just doesn't want me to drink....but i have to live with her...makes it hard because she is a trigger for me.
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