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Mesaman, thank you so much for taking the time out of your holiday season to pass along what you've learned. I was struck by this comment: "Sobriety buys us time to subsequently, diligently re-tool ourselves to a Person transcendent from Addiction." From what I understand, it is really all about re-tooling oneself. It's a difficult feat to accomplish when I've spent my entire adult life (17-41) with an addiction (I quit smoking at 21 and was so proud, but then I immediately transferred it to drinking. Sigh.) So, it's hard to picture what I'm trying to achieve because I've never achieved it (if that makes any sense). But, I'm praying with time this substance-free me will become my new normal. And it will hopefully truly feel normal. And I just have to remind myself that failing is not an option. It is literally helping to use those old addiction neural pathways that I'm trying so desperately to make inactive. All my former work will have been for nothing. This is definitely the biggest battle of my life. I so appreciate your support. I'm grateful to be 2 weeks in.
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