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What I call The SoberSphere of Folks just getting on and living their lives is also known as 'Rest Of World'. Where this kinda-Introvert now lives, Sober. The Graphic in the linked Article below helps explain the Drinking Demographic vs. Rest Of World. As a sotted Top Ten Percenter, I done my part via The Pareto Law! Absorb, if you will, the 30% + 30% figures for non- and light Drinkers. Rounded-up, that's 2/3rds of the Population, right? In any case, a Majority; one I was not a part of when Drinking. Being in the throes of Drinking Culture skews our Perceptions. Advertising and Social [Ab]Norms regarding Drinking engulf us.

~ Think You Drink A Lot? ~

This Article Graphic should absolutely not be used to conclude 'oh, gee, I'm not THAT bad'. That's not the point. In my drive to simplify - and not over-think - I have long liked the explanation that Alcohol is problematic if you think it is. It's not about Alcohol Units/Week consumption expressed in Ounces. Trying to reduce the discussion to Ounces/Week consumed is pure AV in a warped Mental Negotiation to give an Addict 'wiggle room' to falsely conclude they don't need to quit. Full Stop.

A HUGE advantage you have, Sohard, is that you've already quit 'something' via Mental Acuity [Recognition] and Heart/Soul-driven Discipline that worked instantaneously. So, you already know the Fire Drill called AVRT that allows you to take control while Alcohol-related situations get easier over time. Consider this: some Yogis slow their Heartrate to ~30 Beats/Minute in Meditation. Illusionist Harry Houdini did this same thing to buy time to pick unfamiliar Locks and free himself from Cages he was locked in Underwater. He made his Lung Oxygen work for longer periods through pure Mental Discipline. Folks lift Cars to free trapped Victims; exhibiting strength they did not know they had. The Terrestrial Mind/Body Connection is a fabulous thing, and has allowed People to up and quit Addictions over Centuries. And, they didn't have SR and on-line Resources for 24/7 Support!

Coping Tricks are A-OK in my Book. Wear a Rubber Band on your Wrist, and snap it when you undergo an AV attack to bring back your Sober focus. Pop a Mint in your Mouth. Read something quickly on SR right then and/or post. Call a supportive Pal. What_ever it takes during those difficult early Days. Sobriety gets easier as it becomes The New Normal. Further, Sobriety buys us time to subsequently, diligently re-tool ourselves to a Person transcendent from Addiction.
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