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Need perspective

My BF and I have been dating for 6 months. He smokes weed daily and Iím not sure if this has to do with his irritatiable behavior. Thing have moved quick as he asked me to be his GF after dating for 1.5 weeks. He said he loved me early but I didnít say it back until I really felt it. I do love him but over time there are some things that make me curious about his behavior and if it is normal. We spend all most everyday together but we let each other have our space. I have noticed when I donít see him in Saturdayís he will call a lot through the day or text he will usually convince me to come over. I donít mind because I love being with him.

One of the examples of strange behavior is two nights ago I was rubbing his leg and I guess he didnít like the way I did it. I accidentally pinched his skin. He got upset and said itís like I have no common sense. He said I can be aloof and I accidentally hurt him because I wasnít paying attention. He went on and when I tried to interject he snapped his fingers at me. After a while of him talking I got upset because of the way he was saying these things they werenít really kind and I told him that. He then went on to say that I have no confidence in our relationship and that the only way he would break up with me is if I cheated or lied so I need to stop being so worried. He told me Iím too sensitive. I cried and shut down.

he tried to comfort me and was being sweet the next 2-3 days. The fact that he is so sweet after makes me think that this is my fault. There have been other issues like this where he may get upset about things I do like if I forget to turn the 2nd light off in the bathroom or things like that. He tells me he is willing to wait for me to learn how to do better. I feel like yes maybe it is my fault because Iím making mistakes and he gets so upset that I feel horrible for making him mad. Iím not sure if Iím wrong or he is just easy to get upset. Iím very confused and if anyone has advice I would appreciate it. He says all the time he wants to marry me but I want some advice on this. If you need more info let me know.
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