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Originally Posted by Rodney18 View Post
I’m a tad confused by a couple of responses
But maybe my message wasn’t clear
I ain’t drinking, and besides two slip-ups (and that’s how I personally would define them still), I haven’t in months
My dui was months ago and it took the state 4 court dates to get my blood work back
I’m absolutely concerned with yeast, mouthwash and such since it can make the device fail- when I haven’t drank alcohol
Ah, and here’s something I wanna add- the breathalyzer, the night I was arrested, registered 2.01(I think...don’t have the paperwork to look at right now)- but I know it was twice the legal limit in the state
When my blood work came back it was .09
which seems accurate with the amount I drank
Here .08 is legally drunk
So that huge inaccuracy amazes me
Anyhow, while not drinking for the year that I have this device, I don’t forsee major problems with it
At least, hell I hope not
Really depends on how long between stop/arrest and when the blood was drawn. You could have been 'coming down'. Also..I know a few attorneys who use "breathalyzer calibration" as a defense for some clients.
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