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I think people will live up, or down, to their expectations. If they are told to fear their environments over stress, or triggers, and that they can't trust themselves to manage their own feelings, then that's what they will experience. But if they believe they are capable and have what it takes to conquer their internal world and to rise to the occasion, then that will be their experience.

I also think, more than support and hand holding, that what people need is information and tools. They are the only ones who can save themselves. A person can have all the support in the world, but at the end of the day, the responsibility is theirs alone as to whether or not they are going to stick to their decision to quit.

The message - that it is impossible to quit on your own - is huge! I hear it all the time in conversation with people about addiction. It is rampant throughout society, people take it at face value, never questioning that message. And, as we know, it's bullcrap, the only way to quit is only your own. A person might surround themselves with others who have also quit, but that doesn't give others the credit for the achievement. That's another illusion.
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