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Originally Posted by GerandTwine View Post
Here is a link ( ) to a short article including a graph showing results of scientific study. Also, this distribution of alcohol use has not changed very much since the founding of the U.S.

How would you expect this distribution curve would be altered given the hypothetical that TFM were to be utilized by everyone in the U.S.?

If you have not seen this article before, does it give you, in any way, a new perspective about alcohol epidemiology?
I have seen it, and it seems pretty consistent with most other data I've seen, including that about 9% of people who drink in a given year fit the diagnosis for alcohol dependence. It hasn't given me any new perspective on alcohol epidemiology.

It seems like you have an idea in mind on how this should change my beliefs. I don't know what that idea is, so I'd welcome you to tell me what you think the significance of this particular piece of data is to my beliefs.
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