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Originally Posted by AlericB View Post
The book makes an interesting point about cravings which is that cravin isn't something that happens to you and you passively experience them, but rather you actively crave because it's something that you choose to do.
To start with I want to make it clear that I did not read the book so I might be talking out of my behind here but it sounds that this book is aimed at heavy/problem drinkers rather than alcoholics.

I am very thankful to have an extremely quiet AV, I might have a thought/urge a couple of times a year tops. Quitting was fairly easy for me too and I did not experience many cravings.

That being said, I still have experienced true alcoholic "cravings".
Those were (at least for me) not just a thought but a physical experience when suddenly I could visualize myself pouring alcohol down my throat. During such a craving, I could smell it, taste it in my mouth and feel it go down my throat and heating up my oesephagus.

When those happened, I know I (well the AVRT folks would say the beast) just WANTED in an almost animalistic fashion. And no, I did not "choose to" do, when that happened it felt on me like a ton of bricks. What I chose to (in sobriety) is to take deep breathes and ride the wave until the urge passed.

I have not had very many of those in sobriety and they might have lasted 5mn tops but still, I have experienced them. It s not just about wanting vs "needing' or even obsessing, it's about experiencing something without actually doing it and it is sensually overpowering.

Darn, I am probably muddling's tough to explain but I bet that many of you know what I am talking about. Like I said, thankfully my AV (thought) raises its head very rarely and it has been a very long time since I have experienced such a craving.

PS: not dissing the method or anyone, just contributing my personal experience to the discussion
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