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I'd just like to note that I would not personally recommend any model that promoted moderation. I have chosen abstinence for myself and the Freedom Model has helped me see this choice as something I wanted to do rather than as something I had to do and it has helped me feel much happier and freer in my abstinence.

The model most certainly does believe in addiction and it talks about the addict self-image, and how we acquire it and how we can get rid of it. It says that this self-image is dis-empowering because it's saying that you can't change and leaves you with a perceived handicap that you have to manage for the rest of your life.

It's just my personal view of course, but that is true for everyone no matter what approach they take, but I think this model gives a better account than that of why we are addicted. It puts forward a plausible and emperically supported case that we drink or use problematically because we naturally do what we think will make us the most happy at the time (the PDP) and explains the reasons why we make this preference.

It helped me see that I was free to change the self-sddict belief I had about myself and which was making me unhappy, and to see that what was keeping me stuck was this belief that I was holding onto and that I was free to let go.

It may not be everyone's cup of tea but.... can't think of a tea analogy so I'll leave it at that
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