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Originally Posted by Anna View Post
But, I know most people here have strongly cautioned against tapering because most often it does not work, and I think it prolongs withdrawal symptoms. When I tried tapering with great determination (over and over), I ended up in a worse situation.
Yes, I tried to taper too. What I found was that if I had (for example) only 3-4 drinks on my first taper day, I was compelled to at least get to my usual daily amount on successive days. It's like my body wanted that alcohol equilibrium. I am finding this also with my husband. Though he hasn't said, some days he appears to be cutting back and only have a few beers. However, the next day, he has downed many more. In my opinion, it seems he's also compelled to get his body back to what it is used to.

It's harder to taper for most people, I think.
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