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Hello everyone!

Jethro had his knee surgery last Wednesday! The surgeon cleaned the torn meniscus and drilled a hole in one part of his knee to fill it with cells. When Jethro started coming to in Recovery? He was in severe pain! They had to call for someone to come put a local in his knee to numb it up. I was running around the hospital visiting and would come back upstairs to see if I could see him yet? On the third visit his nurse was up front! She explained to me they were trying to get him to calm down so the numbing shot could kick in. I told her I could probably get him to calm down. So she told me to come on back.

When I got to his cubicle he was straining in the bed and trying to bust the rails off his bed. Dang! I rushed over to him and started rubbing his head and pulling his hand off the rail. I placed my hand underneath his hand to keep him from grabbing the rail. Whenever he'd go to strain I'd tell him to calm down and breathe! Breathe thru his nose and out his mouth. Then to cough! He needed to clear his lungs. His eyes were rolling around in his head. Ugh! He kept telling me he was in pain. I kept telling him: "Well I hope so considering you just had surgery!" He flipped me off! LOL

He finally woke up and calmed down enough we could get him dressed and headed to physical therapy to get his walker. He couldn't take one step with it and I told the guy he just got out of surgery, we'd try at home the next day. Well he never used the walker. He's been using his crutches. He uses his good leg underneath his surgery leg to lift it on the bed and onto the chair. One night though while he was in bed he asked me to raise his leg up to put the ice pack underneath it! I gently raised his leg, put the ice pack underneath his knee and then w/o thinking? I dropped his leg! He started laughing thru his pain and told me I did real good until I dropped his leg. I was like: "What?" Jesus! I've been so scattered brained trying to do so much around here. My nephew is here helping me, but I discovered he can go thru a 30 pack of beer every single night. Sigh! So I've had several instances with him over that! (I got Jethro to the hospital at 5:00 am and we didn't get home until 4:00 pm)!

Then last Friday we got a call from Jethro's cousin in Washington State telling us Jethro's Aunt passed away and we were being put in charge of her burial! Ummmm What? Cousin's wife just had brain surgery and the younger cousin just got out of the hospital having pneumonia! Damn! My MIL became a real "B" over the funeral and the Will! I wish she'd just GO AWAY until we get her buried. My nephew almost got arrested in a store two nights ago. He was drunk and got escorted out by two managers. I told him no more alcohol or any other drugs while he's here. He didn't drink at all today! I gave him a low mg valium today to help him over the hump. He was ready to explode! It got him calmed down and he even helped me prepare supper. I told him if he thinks he can't do w/o? Let me know and I'll take him home. He can then do whatever he wants to do! So we'll wait and see! It was pleasant tonight looking in his eyes and they not being glazed over. I hope he stays here for the remainder of the two weeks. It will give him a chance to get some clean time under his feet.

Jethro had a bad episode after taking a pain pill a few nights ago! He was yelling at me he was going to take the computer away from me. Then he yelled he was going to throw every pill in the house outside. I said: "What f'ing pills?" I finally told him to either go sit down or better yet? Go to bed! About 30 minutes later. He took a shower and went to bed. Thank goodness! My nephew was in a ranting mood watching the way Jethro was treating me. I told him: "I warned you how bad he can get while taking the pain meds!" Needless to say? It's been a real whirlwind of emotions around here! I need a referee's uniform to keep the two men calmed down.

On top of all the above stuff? We've had leak after leak around here! I've already paid $400.00 to the water company! Our bill is usually $25.00 a month! Thankfully! My nephew has been working with a plumber for over a year and he got everything fixed! We'll get some credit back on the water we didn't actually use. But we won't see any of the money back. Sigh!

Okay! Time to hit the bed so we can go identify the body tomorrow as being Jethro's Aunt that was flown in from Washington to here!

Everyone have a clean day!

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