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Question for those experienced with withdrawal symptoms

Hello Everyone,

My attempt at tapering didn't quite work. I tried in December and managed to go down to a single drink per day without any withdrawal symptoms, but then I went on vacation and I jumped back on the sauce. Now I am trying again, as health anxiety and brain fog is becoming too much. That being said, I was hoping that I could get some advice from those who have experienced withdrawal and who has drank a similar amount to myself.

Quick background: I am 29 and have been drinking for about 3 years with varying amounts. Sometimes it would be 4US units (8UK) per day, and other times it would be an average of 7.5US/14UK. Every now and then I would binge about 10US/20UK, but rarely. I hardly ever experience hangovers, constantly take supplements to keep the magnesium and vitamin b levels up, and usually never start drinking until 6pm.

Lately I have been pushing the time I start drinking later and reducing the amount gradually. I have noticed that I can go throughout the entire day (sometimes until 9pm) without any cravings or withdrawal symptoms. At the end of the day, the reason I reach for the drink is specifically because I don't want to get withdrawal symptoms; I am afraid of having a panic attack or losing my mind at work, so I keep self-medicating to ensure the withdrawal doesn't happen.

That being said, my question is: have any of you drank a similar amount and experienced only mild or no withdrawal symptoms? And, if I am able to go for 36+ hours without feeling anything more than a headache or tiredness, do you think I will experience some major symptoms down the road?

Everything I read online regarding withdrawal timeline says that the mild symptoms are from 6-24 hours, then the moderate symptoms from 24-48, and the severe symptoms are from 48-72. What the sites don't tell you is if you'd be expected to experience the each level of symptoms, and if you're likely to experience symptoms at all if you make it past a certain point. The way these addiction center blogs make it look is as if every person who goes through withdrawal will necessarily experience each level of symptoms, which I don't quite think it right.

In any case, I really appreciate you guys taking the time! I have read through so many posts on this site, and it has really helped me better myself and be more proactive in overcoming addiction in general.

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