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"anycondition placed on abstinence is AV in that if for whatever reason that condition isn’t realized the option for more drinks is back on the table."


"Your AV is the thinking that says quitting will make you happier , it has to or why do it?"

I think it's very reasonable to ask yourself 'Why do it if you're no happier?" If you go on to conclude that there really is nothing you can do to make yourself happier in your new choice for substance use then continuing to ask this question would be AV. But this just wouldn't happen in the Freedom Model. If being abstinent is causing you to feel unhappy something can be done about it. It would be because when you made your choice you didn't really want it: you made your decision because you felt there was nothing else you could do, not because you wanted to. If you took some time out, reassessed your options and reaffirm your commitment for abstinence but this time for a reason that you believe in, that is, that abstinence is your preferred option over all the other choices. If you do this, I can't see how you can not be happier in your new life.
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