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Aleric, I didn't click the link to the comparison 'data'. I've no doubt it was compiled by whomever will benefit financially from the "freedom model" or whatever it is called. The fact is that spontaneous sobriety - people who just get sober without any form of treatment - may have the same comparative results against treatment/rehabs. Even the rehabs themselves admit that their success rate is about 3% on a good day.

Regardless of which "method" one chooses, the results are totally dependent on the individual to want to get sober. One of the biggest failures with rehabs and some other forms (methods) of 'recovery' is that they promote the disease model of addiction. To drill it into a person that they "have a disease" does far more harm than good. If people were educated solely on "addiction" for what it is, more people - those willing - would relapse WAY less than the norm. And that is a crime.
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