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But I am focused tonight, instead, on the fact that maybe my addiction is a gift. Maybe the suffering I've already put myself through is my teacher.

my past is the most valuable posession i have. i have been blessed to have lived 2 lives- one in the pits of hell and one in the clouds.

Am I envious of the people, like my wife and others I know, who have no issue at all with the poison, can take or leave it,

theres many people here who no longer have an issue with alcohol- we can take it or leave it and choose to leave it. we have FOUND new ways to get relaxation, a buzz, happiness, whatever.

Maybe the ways in which I am going to be forced to finally meet life on its terms is how I was supposed to live.
i wasnt forced and i dont think theres many here that were forced into recovery and facing life on lifes terms. most of us made a decision- we could go on to the bitter end in the bottle or seek help and work at changing ourselves and our lives.

. Maybe it's not all beers on the beach and because life is suffering (one tenant the main religions all have in common with each other)..
i dont know where in my bible it says my life will be one of suffering. i havent read it anyways. ive read that there can be some rough times and all things are possible with God, but its not life of suffering.

a life with satan in control and stuck in the bottle?
nothing but suffering.
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