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Like to be appreciated?

Given I've faced considerable adversity in my life more often caused by the selfish irresponsible actions and behaviour of others than my drinking, that stopped ten years ago. Whom often fell into that category of people that play at life and don't recognise reality and the adversity that accompanies it until it slams them in the face. I have little time for anyone who hasn't faced adversity and even less respect for them. Otherwise how can you tell how strong they are? Or how do they know their own strengths and weaknesses?

That said I have long been an admirer of members of the LGBT community, especially those who, for whatever reason have a natural desire to express their femininity. Appreciating them for all the hard work and effort they put into their appearance and the adversity they, along with everyone else, on a daily basis.

As Seneca said,'Sometimes even to live is an act of courage.'

Whether or not you're amongst my SR friends or would like to join me in sharing a friendship. Either way, in simply facing adversity on life's terms you are both appreciated and welcome...
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