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Originally Posted by Stew1984 View Post
Hi guys,

I’m still here, thank you for messages, I do appreciate it. I think I need to take big action this time. Rehab or just something different to what I’m doing. I’m really stuck to be honest. I can not afford to just down tools from my job to have a rehab stint- I’ve got too many people relying on me and needing me to show up every day including people at work and my daughter, nephew and family.
Getting up each morning full of remorse about the previous night drinking only to make an about turn hours later and end up drowning my sorrows daily is getting to me now. I am angry about it all as I have so much clarity first thing and then it gradually Evapourates throughout the day.
I’m fully aware I have a problem and it needs to be addressed, it’s not like I’m just in denial about it all. I’ve compromised myself so many times in the last few months through drinking it’s ridiculous.
I get the criticism levelled at me- it’s been taken on board. Lay into me if that makes anyone feel better. I know I’ve been a pain and not listened to advice.
If I can just get a foothold on this, everything will be better rather than this constant sleep walking through life- making excuses as to why I’m not fully present.
The truth is I switched drinking to junk food when I first quit- so I haven’t really addressed the addiction thing. In the 2.5 years I quit alcohol, I was stuffing my face with unhealthy food.
So this time- it’s tackling all of it
I'm not trying to kick you while you're down..however..You say you can't "down tools", Is that sale your work tools or not being able to work because you'll be at rehab for a month or so?
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