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Hope this will not make you angry(er) but what you related about you bipolar disorder actual strengthens the disease argument. Drinking alcohol is a choice, whether your first and you don't have a problem, or your 15th in one day 15 years later and you obviously now do have a problem. But some diseases can be induced by unhealthy choices, like type 2 diabetes caused by poor diet and extreme weight gain. Same with alcoholism. It's just once you've crossed a certain threshold your ability to choose is nothing like it was when you took your very first drink. Along with the bipolar analogy, to not have the symptoms of your disorder you admitted you need to take your meds. Well, same with alcoholism--only your "meds" are things like going to meetings, reading, meditating on, and carrying out the instructions in the steps, staying connected to your sponsor especially when triggered, etc. Sounds like you yourself tho are not an alcoholic? If not, it is really nothing you can comment on with any degree of validity. And for me, not accepting it is in fact a disease and not "just" a choice was the beginning of real hope towards living life in sobriety one day at a time. But any day I don't take my "meds" mentioned earlier, I'm bound to relapse.

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This is an angry post. For those of you who are just beginning and think it might stumble you, please don't read any further.

It is a choice. An actual disease is NOT a choice you make. Like type 1 diabetes or cancer. Yes, it changes the alcoholics their brain function to an extent. I have Bipolar disorder. I can choose to be unmedicated and make a living hell for my family. If I don't take my medications it can change my brain function and then I am doing all kinds of things that can have dire consequences. But I CHOOSE to do something about it, I don't want to see my family suffer because of my selfish choice. I don't say this to say I am better than anyone, just that a choice can be made for the good of yourself and the ones you love. My mom was an alcoholic, which killed her in the end by causing liver cancer, my husband is an alcoholic, both of my sisters are alcoholics and my brother-in-law is an alcoholic. I know it makes me a bad person, but I believe it is a choice, and saying it is a disease, in my opinion, makes it an excuse.
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