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I know it makes me a bad person, but I believe it is a choice, and saying it is a disease, in my opinion, makes it an excuse.

and thats youre choice. you are entitled to have that choice just as i am entitled to believe it a disease-a spiritual disease-in which i lost the power of choice over whether or not i drank.even when i didnt want to drink, i couldnt not drink.
i gave up the power of choice over whether or not i drank as alcoholism progressed.
im a stage 3 metastatic melanoma survivor and dont like it one bit when people compare the 2.i find it quite ignorant in fact.
i had a man i became good friends with while going through chemo- another melanoma (stage 4) fighter- die from the cancer. never drank a drop in his life.
comparing alcoholism or anything related to alcoholism to cancer isnt right.
i hope you can get past this and accept whatever helps you heal.
but please dont compare anything with alcoholism to cancer.

p.s. that crazy dog in my avatar is pete-named in memory and honor of my friend that died from melanoma.
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