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I'm not really okay. Yesterday he went out with his second wife alone for 4 hours. I only knew this because I ran into them at the shops. Later she came back to his house again. I thought his current wife was there as it was her normal day off. I got angry and dropped the rest of his tools off. I must have scared her because she left nearly straight away. I went over to see him later and realised his current wife wasn't there and he told me they went out for lunch, he drank and played pokies. He reckoned he was grocery shopping as well that day. Today his current wife walked to the shops by herself. He wouldn't even go with her. He was still in bed. I can only imagine the pain she is going through. In a strange country has no friends a terrible husband. In saying all of this I think I have had a lucky escape. I knew he had a gambling problem, drinking and perversion. His second wife is more his age. They have been divorced 18 years. All this stress is tiring. I am too young. It still hurts though.I am still in tears a lot. We have agreed not to knock on each other's doors. We both want nothing to do with each other. Thanks for listening to my rant.
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