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Totally Alone

My neighbour has totally ended it with me after I went over there drunk on Monday and had a go at him about him seeing his second ex wife. He could cope with my binges on and off but I had totally lost it over the Christmas period. So that was the final straw for him. He says I'm just a troublemaker.

I now have only one friend to talk to and he's an alcoholic himself so not really someone I want to hang out with. I had 3 friends but my neighbour got rid of them.

Today is day 4 for me and I am finding it tough. I am finding myself in tears a lot . I feel ripped off financially, used and abused and have never been treated like this before. I know I will make new real life friends eventually. It was a recipe for disaster letting him isolate me like that. I knew it at the time.

Just needed to tell someone. Thanks for listening.
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