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Originally Posted by Jewelstar View Post
According to him he is sober now and finally really sees me. That ht when he came to the house today to get a few things. Mind you he hasnt spent any time at all with his kids in almost 2was the most hurtful thing anyone has ever said to me. Im finding it difficult to not cry when I think of it.

My best friend is also in AA and shes convinced hes drinking again even though hes going to meetings. Inexplicably moving into an extended stay after coming back from a business trip? Avoiding me and the kids? Now telling me hes getting an apartment? What the hell is going on? Any insight is appreciated. My heart is broken right now.
It sounds to me like he is either still drinking or not working the program like he should. Blaming and projecting onto you isn't healthy and isn't indicative of someone sober.

Also, I think he was either drinking on the business trip and/or seeing someone.

Please take care of YOU and your kids.
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