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My exah acted like he dodged a massive bullet by us divorcing when he came out of rehab the first time. He said I was the reason he had drank and he had some strange attitudes he got in rehab no doubt from the lies he'd told the therapist in there. 5 more rehabs in he's shut up now. Even he can't blame me now we are divorced 3 years. I am nc with him now but he made snidy remarks about me being fat and having no sense of humour ( I think I lost that during his 20 years of active drinking while married to me lol). He told me one truthful thing that he'd only married me for my money and house. It hurt at the time but I don't take it personally now. It could be early sobriety or it could be he's a horrible person anyway. My bet is tho he got someone else and is justifying himself being with her. Either way you are best out of it. ((hugs))
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