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Macís road to recovery

Big milestone today: Six months ago I decided to quit when a friend of mine died because of alcohol and I could no longer deny the impact that drinking was having on my health. Psiorasis, high blood pressure, and gout - while I conveniently ignored the first two, like every good alcoholic, gout had a way of making its presence known, lol!

Anyway, fast forward six months, what an interesting and awesome journey it has been! Many ups and downs, fighting with myself, obsessing, brain fog, the awesome feeling of waking up sober in the morning, my health slowly recovering: my alcohol and sugar cravings are now pretty much gone and I would not go back to my previous life for anything in the world!
Now that the fog has lifted, I am wondering how the hell I never noticed what alcohol did to my relationships and my career, how I could have been that blind. But thatís what alcohol does to you.
But no regrets, whatís done is done - eyes forward, focus on my recovery and rebuilding my life, and whatís more, making it a better life now that the blinders are gone.
A big shoutout to the SR community - you are my people, I could not have done it without the wisdom on this board! And for the newcomers, whatever I can do to help - any questions, fire away!
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