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Originally Posted by sadsadgirl View Post
Hiya, Iíve not posted in a while, but whilst Iím enjoying my sobriety, Iíve been thinking of what place I was in last Christmas. Iím struggling with shame, guilt and disgust when I remember all the sneaking around drinking bottles of wine in the morning to be able to face the family. How was that me? How selfish was I being? How ill must I have been? Sorry I just needed to post this. Phew writing makes it feel less powerful.
I can relate. My sobriety date is 12-28. After a hellacious binge of a Christmas of chaos. The first year anniversary was a mixed bag of gratitude and relived shame. This year will be 4 years and thereís no shame. Itís a celebration.

Use it as an opportunity to practice self forgiveness and to reflect on gratitude for being in a much, much better place.
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