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Originally Posted by YCDT View Post
I think my issue is, I can go a while without drinking. This tricks me into thinking I can drink, because it's been a while. "It's been 2 weeks, I can have 1"...Then I get insanely black-out stupid drunk.

I havent actively tried quitting all together until now, so I might be able to just not drink?
I guess its better to not put myself in that situation. Bleh. This sucks.....My husband and I are big foodies and he will be disappointed our options are so limited.
I jumped off a building and landed on the sidewalk and it hurt. So I waited a month to try it again. It hurt again. I've proven to myself that I should not jump off buildings. I don't need to try that experiment again...
As you will hear time and again, people just don't understand - about why we must shelter ourselves from alcohol drinking possibilities. And they never will understand unless they've been there. The best you can do is to try to educate your significant other on addiction - and not just try to convince them how it works. And also let them know that for the most part, this is just a temporary injunction on your going out to enjoy restaurants. Once you have a grasp on not drinking or being tempted, you should be able to fully immerse yourself into life socially without worrying about a 'slip'. But it is entirely a choice that you make after you have had a couple months sober. No one can make you drink but you.
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