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Happening to me right now.

For me, it's symptomatic of anxiety and/or heightened brain activity so IMHO, it could be withdrawal-related. So many of us do suffer from anxiety-related complications, hence the drinking.

Even in my few years of sobriety that sometimes happened -as you say - like a broke record of a snippet of a song. Again, I have serious anxiety and was even diagnosed with bi-polarism (I am seeking a second opinion). So at the risk of jumping to conclusions, perhaps consider that an agitator to your sobriety is being a naturally anxious person?

The discoveries we make about ourselves, even in extra early recovery has the potential to illuminate so many other unexplored nooks and crannies of who and how we are. Having said that, who we are in early recovery often looks like a totally different person after years of sobriety.

If it bothers you, sometimes having a program on in the background or soundscapes can be relieving.
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