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Hello friends!

It's been really pleasant around here with Jethro off the pain meds! He's happier, laughs more, doesn't accuse me of ordering him around anymore either! If I have to interrupt him while he's working on something to help me? He doesn't get all bittchy and aggravated like he used to!

Yesterday I said something to him about the pills and he said: "Well that's something I want have to take now!" I was shocked to say the least! I really think it bothers him a lot how he treated me the other night?

His stepdad came home yesterday from the hospital! YAY! His mother and stepdad both told Jethro to take me out to supper at a nice restaurant! I laughed and said: "Are they going to pay for it too?" Jethro leveled a look at me and said: "Yes!" WOW! Actually it's quite a shocker! I've never had a relationship with Jethro's mother. So this was a surprise! I didn't stop him from helping them when they needed him. I didn't bittch about it either, like some wives would do. I wore myself out doing all the chores around here w/o complaint either! So I have something nice to look forward to and won't have to cook because of it! LOL

The weather was cooler all week, but heating back up again for another week. We are also watering the immediate backyard due to it hasn't rained in awhile. Ugh

Two nights ago our neighbor sent a text to Jethro telling him someone was out back in the adjoining field with a flashlight walking around. Jethro went out with his rifle and flashlight. The other flashlight was quickly turned off when they saw Jethro's light. I suggested Jethro put locks on the gates that is on each side of the shop. So he went to Walmart and bought a package of them. Our property is completely fenced in, but they could easily cut the back fence and break into the shop from that direction. So they'll have a tougher time getting stuff out of the chain link fence with the locks on the gates now. Whoever it is better hope we don't catch them stealing. They'll be running from bullets flying in their direction!

Everyone have a clean day!

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