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Originally Posted by site1Q84 View Post
Have you ever tried to moderate before? I have some pretty good examples of how wrong that can go if you don't have any of your own!
Maybe you could mention to your friend how you're feeling and she can help keep an eye out while you're on your trip?
Thanks for this idea. As soon as I read it my AV went "NO! DON'T TELL HER!!!"

I have been able to moderate before but that's the thing, my AV uses that to try to get me. I can't keep feeding it and having long periods and then drink again. My AV says, "so what if you have a couple once in 8 months or once a year, that's not bad'", but I don't want to be in this cycle.

This trip is in 2 months and I'm already struggling internally. Having these thoughts is so annoying!!!

Thanks everyone. The feedback really helps!
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