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Originally Posted by fini View Post
Originally Posted by zenchaser View Post
Once and addict, always and addict. It leaves the door forever open to more use because it suggests that it never really ended.
for me, it works the opposite way: once an alcoholic, always an alcoholic is exactly the lock on the door, so to speak.
Zenchaser is correct as far as AVRT is concerned, though, and I've posted about this very thing before. Her choice of subject line is most appropriate. Through the lens of AVRT, to say "I am an addict" quite literally means, "I am my Beast", and this is the precise opposite of what we aim for -- separation.

The Addictive Voice is concealing the Beast's existence, by taking control of the pronoun 'I', and then fusing its identity with that of its host. Remember, AVRT is not an "I can't drink" model, requiring 'acceptance' of a new self-identity as someone who presumably can't drink.

AVRT identifies "I can't drink" as the Addictive Voice itself, implying that one might certainly drink, if only one could get away with it.

I can't drink = I would drink if I could.

I have full faith in your own capacity to recover, even if you do not.
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