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Hi LonelyShadow, I'm glad you're here and posting.

Prior to drinking decades ago, I experienced anxiety. Fear of X, y and z. Of course, my brain then learnt that alcohol would banish those feelings and I'd feel better, temporarily, Dutch courage I suppose. The years rolled on and as I climbed the career ladder, I experienced more stress.....cue alcohol - because I'd taught my sub-conscious brain that alcohol either made me feel better or provided relief from the irritable feelings. Then the Booze Beast of AVRT was born, a rogue, ego-alien, survival drive.

I'm now just over a year sober and like you've said, I was told I suffered from depression, but no, the depression was caused by alcohol and I no longer suffer from it. Anxiety, as you say, may be separate and amenable to treatment.

I believe GerandTwine wishes to assist you. As I learnt AVRT, even after making my Big Plan GT could pinpoint AV in my posts. He means well and I've benefitted greatly from his experience.
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