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If you do drink you haven't quit, so quit, never drink again.

It is not complicated, the AV says it is, because that's its function.

A root-cause analysis isn't going to undo prior 'causes', or prevent future 'causes' within the same context.

Quitting is a new context, a whole new paradigm. If you make a BP , Quit for good , forever and not change your mind, how could you drink again ?

Not to put words or ideas into anyones' mouth , but I think GT is asking LS to give a minute by minute account to pinpoint the time/statement/thought that shows that a BP was never really in place.

The OP says he/she used AVRT to keep sober, that is pure AV.

One decides to not drink ever again and never change their mind on that decision, and uses AVRT in order to separate from the Beast. "Using" AVRT in the absence of a BP is "relapse prevention" , basically pure AV.

Having the desire to drink or become intoxicated isn't what causes one to drink, continue the addiction , listening to and not separating from the AV does.
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