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I would firstly like to thank each of you, who tries to support me. I really did not expect a reaction when I posted my message, but I decided to go ahead anyway.
Now, I think I should make it clear that I do not want to leave him, other than his drug problem he's a very nice man, cooperative, soooooooo kind hearted and helpful, loving, he's honestly a good person. When he's on drugs, of course, he lies and hides stuff, the comon symptoms as I may call it. He does not deserve to be deserted because of a sickness he has (i understood from his doctor that it is a sickness like any other psycological illness).
Unfortunately where I live we do not have such groups or centres which help people around an addict to know how to deal with them. I am really willing to go as far as studying psycology if I have to, I would act if I have to, and I DO have a great deal of self-control, which I can use when needed. I just need to know how to assign my skills in a way which will help him.
Now the problem is that because I am making such a big effort, the least thing upsets me so much. I am frustrated, depressed and down all the time, I wonder if he can see that!. On the other hand he thinks he's doing his best and he's practicing a great deal of self-control to stay away from drugs, so I have no right to complain, I should just appreciate what he's doing for us!. I know I should be clear headed to be able to help him, but this is exactly why I'm here. I do not want to publicise his problem to people around us, not even my parents know about it, and I need someone to talk to.
I pray to God he, and all the likes of him will get well and see how they hurt people that love them the most.
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