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Good music really does tap into something gets to not only the heart of a matter, but the soul. And it's that "soul" thing that separates out okay music from the very best. I play piano too, but it's not as portable as the stringed instruments. One thing our Scots-Irish ancestors brought across the Atlantic was the fiddle; partly because it was so portable. I am grateful they did. My mom came from dirt poor folks in Appalachia, but they always had good food and they always had music. Something to fall back on. And, through the years I have relied on the music to get me through a lot of things. But remember, the voice is the first instrument and the human voice is "there" when other instruments may not be available. Acapella singing is quite special in its own right.

You spoke of not being able to "moderate". This goes back to balance. Being able to balance it all out. When someone is in good health there is a healthy balance going on. They are neither too skinny nor too fat. They're neither under eat or over eat. They get enough rest, but get enough activity. They get enough fluids without getting fluid over load. It's all a big balancing act. Same with healthy relationships. There is a balance of power; a balance of having time for enjoying one another's company; a balance of sharing. It's all about balance. I think the more imbalanced we are the more we might be tempted to cave in to using when we feel weak.

There are a lot of things we can have in our lives that help us to balance it all out...but like you pointed out earlier, we often look to material things and having the next latest and greatest "new" thing to make us feel as though we are "balancing", but that can be deceiving as gaining more material possessions just doesn't do us justice in the long run....and we find ourselves going back to those basic things anyways....
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